Add Additional Websites to Your Account


View this tutorial video to learn how to add additional websites to your account
Adding Additional Websites to Your Account | Managing Multiple Websites | Updated Oct 27, 2021
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The main reasons for creating additional websites:
1. Start building your next website (before attaching a domain to it).
2. Use as placeholder website ideas (until your ready to attach domains).
3. Use as Under Construction (host or redirect your domain to your Under Construction site, while you work on your current website).

1. Create a website
> Go to the Website button on the Main Menu
> Click on the "+" dropdown (off to the right)
> Select Create New Website
> Add your website name (for example: Walking and Running)
> Click Create

2.  If using as Under Construction, adjust your hosting (or redirect):
> Click on Settings (blue gear button) to the right of your domain
> Click on Hosting
> Click Edit
> Click the dropdown and select hosting 
          For example: select "Walking and Running" (our newly created website). 
> Click Update
               Alternatively, we could redirect to the Public Preview URL of the newly created website "Walking and Running."