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How to Setup Your Email with Dataczar Connect:
Also see: Add an Email Box to Your Account (for adding an email box / rather than using email forward).

  • login to your account via or  
  • Go to Domains on the Main Menu to setup your email forwarding.  Click the Email Forwarding button: you can do forwards to your regular email address.
    Note: this is only email forward so any subsequent back and forth emails will show as your regular email address.
    Note: each email forward can only go to one place; you can't have an email forwarding to more than one email address.

Additionally, if you have a Gmail address you can mask your Gmail address so that the correspondence is back and forth as  
If you choose to do this, please use the following: 

1. Enable two step verification

  - Google Account Help Instructions:     

  - Follow the prompts to enable two step verification 
  - If you already have two step verification the above link may not work.

2. Create an app password
  - Under "Signing in to Google", click "App passwords"
  - Near the bottom, click "Select app" then "Other (Custom name)"
  - Enter "Connect" or whatever you want use as a label for the App password where it says "e.g. YouTube on my Xbox"
  - Click "GENERATE"
  - Copy the app password to use in the next step

3. Use the generated 16 character app password to use as the Password in the following steps:
  - Open GMail settings
  - Left click on "Add another email address"
  - In the pop up window:
        Email address:
        Leave "Treat as an alias." checked
        Click "Next step" button

        SMTP Server:
        Port: 587
        Username: gmail username (including
        Password: app password generated in step 2
        Secured connection using TLS - selected
        Click "Add Account >> button"

        Enter the confirmation code received at the Forwards To address


Additional Notes in regards to setting up your Email Forward:
- Each email forward can only go to one place.
- In other words, you can't have an email forward going to more than one email (otherwise your email forward won't work).
- However you can have multiple email forwards going to the same same email address.  For example, you can have forwarding to as well as forwarding to