Add an Email Box to Your Account


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View this tutorial video to learn how to add an email box to your account @
Add an Email Box to Your Account | Email Marketing with Your Website | Updated Nov 10, 2021

To have a separate email box for your domain.
To have regular email functionality for your domain.

> login via  login via or and go to the Domains button on the Main Menu
> go to the Blue Gear button to the right of your screen and select the domain for which you want to create the email box
> click on Emails
> click the dropdown menu at the bottom of your screen (under Forwards To) and select "New Email Box..."
> add Email User: and create password
> click + Add Email
> click the dropdown menu and select "Webmail"
> login to your email box (newly created email / password)

Suggestions (after creating you email box):
> Go to Settings > Folders > Create New > then create Read , Saved, and/or Archived folder(s)
> Familiarize yourself with the Main Menu