Adding Multiple Images to a Page or Post


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Dataczar Connect makes it easy to add multiple images to a page or post on your website @! This tutorial shows how to work with two and three column templates for adding multiple images in a row. Plus, when viewing from mobile, the images stack one on top of another! The tutorial is full of helpful tips and directs you to our help site to view the written instructions as well. 
Adding Multiple Images to a Page or Post | Updated October 6, 2022

-     You want to dress up a page or post on your website.
-     You want to grab viewer's attention.
-     You're featuring products/items on a page or post.
-     You're improving the look of your website. 

> login via or (takes you to your Dashboard on the Main Menu)
> click on the Website button on the Main Menu > click on Pages or Posts 
> click the edit icon to the right of the page or post that you're editing / or click "Create New" page or post
> scroll down to editing screen to edit the Page or Post

> click on the editing screen and select "2 Columns" or "3 Columns" (depending on how may images you're adding to the row)
> click inside the blank image (highlight the image in blue) 
> click the Insert Image icon > click the up arrow > click on My images to select image (alternatively, click Choose Files and Upload your image)
> click Use > click OK 

> adjust or remove the filler words below the image

Step 4: 
> repeat steps 1-3 using "2 Columns" or "3 Columns" or a "Single image"
> continue to repeat until you're done adding images (until you're done building up your page or post)
> click Update (or click Create if creating a new page or post)