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This tutorial shows how to use Page and Post Templates for creating pages and posts on your Dataczar website @ It features adding two different page templates as well as a post template. It shows replacing text, replacing images, and removing or linking buttons. The tutorial walks you through the easy steps and makes it easy for you to build up your website!
Using Page or Post Templates | Updated September 7, 2022

     -  You want to add content to your website (add pages and/or posts).
     -  Templates give web design and make it easy for adding a page or a post to your website.
     -  Templates provide the design, you simply replace the images and text. 

Step 1 (select template):
> login via or and go to the Website button on the Main Menu 
> click on Templates 
> choose your template by clicking the dropdown menu that's located directly below the template
> select "+ Create Page" or "+ Create Post" (depending on whether you want to add a page or post to your website)

Step 2 (edit template / save):

> click to the right of any text that you want to adjust > back out the "filler text" and type in your new text
> click on any image (this highlights the image) > click the "insert/edit image: icon (located on the tool bar) > click the "up arrow" > click "Choose Files" to download - or click "My Images" or click "Free Images" > click on "Use" to replace the image
> link any buttons (or remove any unneeded buttons) > click the "insert/edit link" icon (located on the tool bar) > paste in the complete URL (the complete link), beginning with https://... (or if you choose, you can delete any buttons that you don't need)
> click "Create" or "Update" to save changes

Step 3 (if needed):
> go to and click on WEBSITE HELP
> view How to Edit Your Website and/or Using the Website Builder Toolbars and/or How to Start Building Your Website (and look for written instructions below each tutorial as well)