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Dataczar Connect makes it easy to create a standalone page, and in this tutorial we also explain the benefits for having a standalone page! Included are tutorial instructions, where to find written instructions, helpful hints, and a quick demonstration of a standalone page.View this tutorial for creating a standalone page @!
Create a Standalone Page With a Purpose | Updated June 2, 2022

A Stand Alone Page is a Page that doesn't show on your website (so it's not in a menu).  It's generally a page that is shared only with certain people and is not visible for everyone. For example, you may reward people that signup for you newsletter with a promotional code or reward via a Stand Alone Page.  

-  Promotional Page to send to certain customers
-  Free Gift to Newsletter Signups
-  Monthly Promotion for customers that have opted in
-  Special Promotion for those that have provided an email address
     -  Gift ideas: eBook, Promo Code, eCard, or eGift Card - depending on the promotion
-  Special Page for paid subscribers (purchased item)
-  Special Class or Tutorial for paid accounts (purchased item)

> login via or and go to the "Website" button on the Main Menu
> scroll down to: Standalone ( not in a menu ) and click "Create Blank Page"
> Create Page and click "Update"

Important Notes:

  1. When you create a Stand Alone Page, the Link (share link) is simply the URL of the page. This means that if you change your Page Title, you also change your Link (share link).
  2. If you adjust your Page Title, be sure to replace your Link (share link).
  3. If you adjust your Page Title, also be sure to reshare the Link (share link) and copy the new link into your clipboard for sharing.    
  4. If by chance you change the page title and update your page, then anyone with the "old page title" won't see the update. They'll still see the page without the update.
  5. It's generally "not a good idea" to adjust the page title when updating the page.