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Dataczar Connect makes it easy to create a list and get started with email marketing. This tutorial walks you through the steps of building your list(s), sending emails, and creating and sending a newsletter via your account @! Viewing this tutorial makes email marketing simple and easy. 
Get Started With Email Marketing | Updated April 27,2022

You've grown your list and want to promote your business's products or services.
You want to grow your business.

Building Your List:
Option 1 (newsletter signup)
> all Dataczar websites come with a Newsletter Sign up
> add a note to your website that encourages visitors to signup via your Newsletter Signup
> invite people to your website through social media or by optimizing your SEO
> there's a double opt-in via the Newsletter Sign up that gives you the best email deliverability
Option 2 (quick add subscribers)
> login via or and go to the "Lists" button on the Main Menu
> put your cursor in the empty space under "Quick Add Subscribers"
> enter the email address(es) you would like to add. Separated them by comma, space or new line
> click the "Add Subscribers" button
Option 3 (upload a .csv file)
> login via or and go to the "Lists" button on the Main Menu  
> click Upload 
> drop .csv file or click to open file browser
> if you have more than one list, be sure that the list you are adding to is checked as your Default List*
> login to your account @ or @
> select "Lists" from Main Menu
> click on "Lists" in blue (next to Subscribers) to "Manage" your list.  Click “Manage” on the list you would like to add subscribers
> click Setting and make sure that Default List is "checked" (you emails will now be added to this list)
> note, if you only have one list, you’ll only have the one “Manage” button to click on (Default List will be checked) 

Sending an Email:
Step 1 (select template / edit template / save):
> login via or and go to the Domains button on the Main Menu
> go to the Emails button on the Main Menu 
> click on Templates (choose template) (the Default template works great)
> click below the template on the dropdown and choose "+Create Email" (or click on the "+" sign)
> Edit Template (adjust pre-loaded text, add text, adjust pre-loaded pictures, add pictures, etc.) 
Step 2 (edit email / send test):
> check your FROM: / TO: (your list) / SUBJECT 
> preview email under Simple (make edits if needed) (and Save Draft if needed)
> check spam score (click on Get Score)
> Sent Test (check you email to see how it looks and to test links)
Step 3 (schedule send):
> click Schedule Send
> click Update Send Date/Time
> adjust and click Update
> click the green Schedule Send button (this takes you to Email Blasts where you'll see that your email is "approved") 

Creating and Sending a Newsletter:
Step 1 (create from template):

> login via or and go to the Emails button on the Main Menu
> click on Newsletters, then click on Get Started
> click on a Template, then Leave the dropdown menu As Is (so leave on your website)
> click +Create Newsletter
> click the dropdown off to the right and click Edit
> add a greeting underneath: "{{# news.logo }}  {{/ news.logo }} {{{ news.title }}}"
> select how many posts to fetch (select one if creating one post per week and sending one email per week)
> click Update
> click "Back" / or click on the blue Newsletters button
Step 2 (create email):
> click the "+" sign of to the right of your Feed (this takes you to your edit screen for your email)
> check spam score (Get Score) "No Score Yet" (this needs to be less than 5.0 or it won't be well received)
> scroll down to the editng box to Preview/Edit your email (it should look perfect but you could make adjustments if you want to)
> Send Test (to your email address) (so you see what you customers see) 
> double check your FROM (your email address):, TO: (your list) and SUBJECT / adjust any or all as necessary
Step 3 (schedule send):
> click Schedule Send
> click the blue button: Update Send Date/Time and adjust to a later date and/or time
> click Update
> click the green Schedule Send button
> you'll see "approved" (you're all set)
     > If you want to go back and edit, click the white X in the red box (or Cancel on the dropdown) / then edit and reschedule send
If you create posts on your website (blog), you can share your posts via an automated newsletter! Keep in mind that every website has a Newsletter Signup and when people signup for your newsletter, they go to your List (on your Main Menu). You can then create a newsletter by fetching your most recent posts and send regular emails to keep your subscribers up-to-date!