Send Your First Email Blast with Dataczar Connect


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View this tutorial and learn how to create and send an email blast from your account! The tutorial walks you through the steps of choosing a template, editing the template, setting up your sender, and scheduling a send.
Send Your First Email Blast with Dataczar Connect | Updated April 20,2022

You've grown your list and want to communicate with your viewers.
You want promote your website, or you have fun facts and/or enjoyable content to share!

Step 1 (select template / edit template / save):
> Login via or and go to the Emails button on the Main Menu 
> click on Templates (choose template) (the Default template works great)
> click below the template on the dropdown and choose "+Create Email" (or click on the "+" sign)
> Edit Template (adjust pre-loaded text, add text, adjust pre-loaded pictures, add pictures, etc.) 
Step 2 (edit email / send test):
> check your FROM: / TO: (your list) / SUBJECT 
> preview email under Simple (make edits if needed) (and Save Draft if needed)
> check spam score (click on Get Score)
> Sent Test (check you email to see how it looks and to test links)
Step 3 (schedule send):
> click Schedule Send
> click Update Send Date/Time
> adjust and click Update
> click the green Schedule Send button (this takes you to Email Blasts where you'll see that your email is "approved")