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View this tutorial and learn how to create an automated newsletter from your Dataczar website’s blog posts! It walks you through each step for creating the newsletter on your Dataczar account @
Create a Newsletter from your Dataczar Website | Updated April 06, 2022

You have a Blog and you want to share you posts.
You post regularly and you want to share to your List. 

Newsletter Steps:
> login via or and go to the Emails button on the Main Menu
> click on Newsletters, then click on Get Started
> click on a Template, then Leave the dropdown menu As Is (so leave on your website)
> click +Create Newsletter
> click the dropdown off to the right and click Edit
> add a greeting underneath: "{{# news.logo }}  {{/ news.logo }} {{{ news.title }}}"
> select how many posts to fetch (select one if creating one post per week and sending one email per week)
> click Update
> click "Back" / or click on the blue Newsletters button

Next Step - Create Email:
> click the "+" sign of to the right of your Feed (this takes you to your edit screen for your email)
> check spam score (Get Score) "No Score Yet" (this needs to be less than 5.0 or it won't be well received)
> scroll down to the editng box to Preview/Edit your email (it should look perfect but you could make adjustments if you want to)
> Send Test (to your email address) (so you see what you customers see) 
> double check your FROM (your email address):, TO: (your list) and SUBJECT / adjust any or all as necessary

Next Step - Schedule Send:
> click Schedule Send
> click the blue button: Update Send Date/Time and adjust to a later date and/or time
> click Update
> click the green Schedule Send button
> you'll see "approved" (you're all set)
     > If you want to go back and edit, click the white X in the red box (or Cancel on the dropdown) / then edit and reschedule send

If you create posts on your website (blog), you can share your posts via an automated newsletter! Keep in mind that every website has a Newsletter Signup and when people signup for your newsletter, they go to your List (on your Main Menu). You can then create a newsletter by fetching your most recent posts and send regular emails to keep your subscribers up-to-date!