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This tutorial video shows you how to Set Up Your Shopping Cart Website (Your Store). This is part B of the series, as part A shows you how to add a fully functional, Shopping Cart Website to your Dataczar account @ You can find part A here: Add a Shopping Cart Website
Set Up Your Shopping Cart (03/10/22)

If you need an online store with multiple items to sell (need an eCommerce website).
If your looking to add items to sell and you want the convenience of an online store.


First, view tutorial - part A:
> go to - and watch the tutorial: Add a Shopping Cart Website
          > across from "Websites" (toward the right side), click on the "+" dropdown menu
          > click on Create Shopping Cart Website 
          > adjust Hosting 
                    > see Complete Written Instructions below the tutorial video 

Next (once you've created your shopping cart website  and adjusted hosting):
> go to the Website button on the Main Menu
> click dropdown menu across from your Store Name (choose Settings)
> select the dropdown menu next to "Plan Options:" to confirm or adjust your plan

> click again on the Website button on the Main Menu
> click the "shopping cart icon" across from your Store Name (or click Control Panel on the dropdown menu)
> this takes you to your Store (aka Shopping Cart Website) with it's own website builder (takes you to Dashboard)
     > you land on Dashboard (shows as "Done Create account") Step 1 is complete!

> Now Complete the Next Five Steps to Complete Your Setup
> click "Set up your website and storefront 🚀" (takes you to Website button)
     > follow prompts to setup
> back to Dashboard > click "Add your products or services 🏷" (takes you to Catalog button)
     > delete or adjust sample products / add your products / > click Save
> back to Dashboard > click "Review regional settings > back to Dashboard > click "Choose how to deliver your goods 🚚" (takes you to Shipping & Pickup button)
     > adjust Shipping, Local Deliver and Self Pickup options > click Save when prompted
> back to Dashboard > click "one Set up payment options 💸" (takes you to Payment button) 
     > Choose one or more payment options
          > Connect with Stripe > follow prompts > click Save
          > Connect and Enable Square > follow prompts > click Save
          > Enable PayPal > follow prompts > click Save
          > Add Manual Payment Method > follow prompts > click Save

> Now back to Dashboard > click on "each" checkmark and mark as done!