How to Setup a Shopping Cart Website


Create a fully functional shopping cart website, through your current Dataczar domain!
First you'll create the Shopping Cart/Checkout website.  Next, you'll create a subdomain to host your Shopping Cart Website. For example, if your Dataczar website is:, you can create a subdomain (for example): Next, insert the subdomain URL (link) to a page (or post) on your Dataczar website, or insert the subdomain URL (link) to the top menu of your Dataczar website.  Alternatively, you can use the subdomain (shopping cart website) as your website.  

Here are the steps for setting up your shopping cart/checkout website:
Login via or and go the Website button on the Main Menu.

> First, create your Shopping Website:
> across from "Websites" (toward the right side), click on the "+" dropdown
> click on Create Shopping Cart Website
> create a Name for your Shopping Cart Website
> click Create
> select a Plan
> click Activate
> click Shopping Cart Control Panel
> continue to follow prompts and work on your shopping site

> Second, create a Subdomain for your Shopping Site and select hosting: 
> go to the Domains button on the Main Menu
> click on Settings (blue gear button)
> click on Advanced
> click on Hosting
> click on Add Subdomain
> add your subdomain name > click the dropdown and select hosting 
          Select the Website Name the you created for your Shopping Cart Website
> Click +Add Subdomain
     Tutorial Help (if needed) for creating a sub-domain:               

> Third, now go back to the Website button on the Main Menu to view your subdomain (and to continue working on your Shopping Cart Website)!

> Lastly, once you've created your Shopping Cart/Checkout website, you can share your subdomain via your regular website by adding a link to a page (or post), or adding the link directly to the top menu of your website.  
     Tutorial Help (if needed) for adding links to your website: