Add Row Colors to a Page or Post


View this tutorial video to learn how to add row colors (section(s)/block(s) of color(s)) to a page or a post.
Add Row Colors to a Webpage | Updated Dec 15, 2021

It can help convey information in an easy-to-understand manner
It can help a certain elements stand out on the Page or Post (making them more readable)

Written Steps:
> login via or and click on the Website button on the Main Menu
> click on Pages > click on the edit icon across from the page you are editing
          Note - the same can be done for Posts: Website button > Posts > edit post
> scroll to the editing screen and decide where you would like to add the color
> place cursor click where you would like to add the row (color)
> click on Table (on editor bar) and choose a "single" table
> click on Table (again) > Table Properties > adjust Width to 100% and Border width to 0
> leave open and click on advanced > click Background color > choose color > click OK 

> If you want to use a customer color, choose the color wheel (bottom right) of the Color Picker > move the 'circle' to the bottom left by dragging with your cursor > then use the right side adjustment to choose your customer color (for example: #7FFFD4)

> Alternatively, use the following website to replace with a different custom color

> place cursor in your row (that now shows as a color) and add content (text, pictures, videos, etc.)
> click Update