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Written Instructions for how to add Google AdSense to your website / Google AdSense (Google pays you to put ads on your website)

To obtain the Google AdSense ID, please see the following:
Go to to create an account. Google provides the AdSense code.
Once you have your AdSense code, login via or, then go to the Website button on the Main Menu. 
> click on Settings
> click on +Show Advanced to add the AdSense ID
> add the AdSense ID
> click Update

You will also want to verify your website with Google. We recommend confirming the domain via DNS TXT record:
> go here               
> next, go to Step 1. Get your verification code from Google
> Provide that record to Dataczar and we will handle the rest.
   I.e., contact Dataczar Customer Support via: and we'll assist adding this record to your domain.
> Once we inform you, then complete step 4 and let Google know to check the record.