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View this tutorial video to learn how to create an under construction website @!
Creating an Under Construction Website | Updated Nov 03, 2021

To have a placeholder website, while you work on your Default website. 

Step1 (create a 2nd website): 
> Go to the Website button on the Main Menu
> Click on the "+" dropdown (off to the right)
> Select Create New Website
> Add your website name (use your same website name)
> Click Create
> Click the Edit button and go to Pages 
> Edit your Page (see tutorial)

Step2 (adjust your hosting): 
> Click on Settings (blue gear button) to the right of your domain
> Click on Hosting
> Click Edit
> Click the dropdown and select hosting  
          Since both website names are identical, select the bottom website.  The top website is always your Default website. 
> Click Update
               Alternatively, we could redirect to the Public Preview URL of the newly created website.