How to Transfer Your Domain


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View the tutorial video below for how to transfer your domain to another hosting company.
How to Transfer Your Domain | Updated Sept 10,2021

> Go to the Domains button on the Main Menu
> Click on Settings (blue gear button)
>  Click on Advanced
> Unlock Domain
> Unlock Auth Code
> Click on Request
> Provide the Transfer Authorization Code to your alternate provider
> Leave Obtain Auth Code "unlocked"
> Leave Domain "unlocked"
     Please note - the domain transfer (transfer domain) usually takes 6 days to complete.
     Please note - there's a 60 day locking period on domain transfers (due to an ICANN mandate), so you can't transfer your domain if you registered it within the last 60 days.

Alternatively, if you want to use our website builder (and leave your domain @ Dataczar), please view the tutorial video: How to Start Building Your Website (click here), as this will be a big help!