How to Change the Look of Your Website


This tutorial video shows you how to change the look of your website by using the Website Theme Button (and more)! It shows recommended themes, their different appearances and quickly walks through various options. The tutorial also shows how adding posts, a logo and a background image will change the look of your website. Plus there’s a blog post where you can pause and notate the recommended appearance templates!

How to Change the Look of Your Website written instructions:

  1. Login via and go to the Website button on the Main Menu.
  2. Click on the Theme button.
  3. Choose your theme (it will automatically update so no need to click the Update button).
  4. Scroll up and view via the Public Preview URL as this goes to only the main server and updates almost immediately.  If you click on your website/domain it may take a couple of minutes to update as it's going to servers around the world.