How to Embed a PDF to a Page or a Post on Your Website


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This tutorial video walks you through the steps of embedding a PDF to a page or a post on your website @ It shows you where to obtain the code (bottom of this page) and exactly how to add it. Even if you’ve never worked with code, this tutorial makes it fast, simple and easy - and now you’ll be able to embed PDF’s to your website!
How to Embed a PDF to Your Website | Apr 19, 2021

Step1 - add the pdf to your Content:
> login via and go to the Content button on the Main Menu
> click "Choose Files" and find your PDF file > Then double click on the PDF file to upload
> your PDF will now be located in "My Files" on the Content button
> go to "My Files" and "Copy" the PDF link (this automatically goes into your clipboard)

Step2 - embed the PDF to your Page or Post:
> go to the page or post you wish to update (or create a new page or post) > And click edit
> scroll down to the editing screen > Decide where you wish to add the PDF > Click on "Edit Code" (on the editor toolbar)
> click on "< > Source Code" > This takes you to the code to edit
> paste the PDF link (that you have copied into your clipboard from #4 above) into a new line (where you want the PDF to show up)
> now, copy and paste the code shown below* into the next line down (directly below where you want the PDF to show up)
> go back to the PDF link (in #4 directly above) and "Cut" (control C) to remove the PDF link (and put back into your clipboard)
> next, replace the words pdf_Link_goes_here text with the PDF link (that's now back in your clipboard)
> click OK to save the code adjustment and return to the regular Editor window
> click on Previews to preview (note: the PDF will show small on Previews)
> if all looks good, click Create or Update to save

     *copy and paste the following code:
     <p><iframe src="pdf_Link_goes_here" width="100%" height="500px"></iframe></p>