Adding an Email to Your Domain


First login to your account @ or 

1.  Create an Email Forward
Go to the Domains button on the Main Menu.
Click on Email Forwarding.
Create Email User (example: and Forwards To (your regular email address).

2.  (Optional) If your regular email is a gmail address, you can mask the email so that all of the back and forth is from your Email User (example:
In other words: have your Gmail address reply from your Email User (example:

Follow these steps:

  • First, if you have two step verification you can create an app password. If you don't have two step verification then you may be able to use your regular password.

To create an App password:
Under "Signing in to Google", click "App passwords"
Near the bottom, click "Select app" then "Other (Custom name)"
Enter "Connect" or whatever you want use as a label for the App password where it says "e.g. YouTube on my Xbox"

  • Second - Use the generated 16 character app password to use as the Password in the following steps:

gmail -> Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Add another email address
email address:
Leave "Treat as an alias." checked
Click "Next step"

If not App password (not two step verification, use this):
SMTP Server:
Username: <gmail username> (we included the part)
Password: <gmail password>