How to Invite a New User to Your Account


Dataczar allows teams of users to collaborate on website accounts.  You can invite as many other users to collaborate on your website account as you'd like.


To invite a new user to your website account:

Click "Manage Accounts" on the main menu.

Click "Users" (to manage the users)


To send an e-mail invite to the new user:

Fill in the user you'd like to invite using the "Email Invite to Account" field.

Click "Invite to Account"


To create a shareable link to send to a user without sending an email:

Click "Create link"

A new link will be listed under the Active Invites

Click "Copy link" or copy the displayed link manually

You can then share that link with whomever you'd like to share your website account.


Whether invited by email or by an invitation link, each invitation only works for one new user.  If the new user is not already logged in to Dataczar, the new user will be prompted to either log in or register for their own Dataczar user login.  Once logged in, the new user can then edit the website account you shared when they log in to their account.